Divination (the practice of determining the hidden significance or cause of events — Encyclopedia Britannica) has always been a way for me to ground myself in times of uncertainty. Eventually, I began to memorize the symbolism behind my favorite decks and pinpoint patterns and relationships in spreads for loved ones.

I found great joy in becoming this introductory force. Friends, family and strangers, with little to no experience in tarot, were intrigued because I was a mediator. I wanted to eliminate the mysticism behind what truly is a thought-provoking and approachable intuitive tool.

I don't believe the future can be predicted. There are so many potential timelines and at the end of the day, we are all human beings with free will. What Float, and all tarot/oracle decks, can offer you is awareness. It acts as a mirror into your subconscious. I believe the most important step is what takes place after the card is pulled. How do you feel? What was brought to the surface? Do you identify with it? This is your story. Keep writing it.

Journey on,



Maturity - it's a construct

Everyone has a different definition for maturity; everyone chooses to live their life in accordance with that definition. The only goal is one of your own creation, whether that be a provençal estate complete with established vineyards or your own personal treasure trove of accumulated wisdom. We become mature when we can recognize and nurture our own definitions and coexist in a world that showcases this spectrum every day.

Daydream - a helpful tool

A daydream is always nearby, peering around a corner like a curious kid and laughing at your monotony. It's the essence of our youth and the siren's call into the unknown. We misuse its power when we mistake it for an alternate dimension we can momentarily access. In reality, it holds the key to a more authentic and fulfilling life. Pay attention to visions that resurface. Ask for signs and assistance from the universe, but remember to ground yourself after exploring. It's easy to get carried away. 

Passion - it's always there

An underground spring bursting from its dark cavern, the first time you meet eyes with a lover, or when your emotions finesse into pigment on canvas and scratch text in a worn journal: this is passion. Usually fleeting, but always worth the risk. We become more skilled at harnessing passion when we realize these bright, exuberant, fast burning flames are all around us. If we can learn to equate the flash of fireflies on a warm night with a partner's embrace, then it can never leave us.

Stillness - welcome it in

The passing cloud and the pause in between breaths. In this rapidly evolving, technologically dependent world, stillness has become an insurmountable fear and a seemingly unattainable luxury. Sounds ridiculous, right? The bottom line is that stillness is an integral part of human nature that's taken a backseat in modern life. When a season of introspection knocks at your door, be a good host. Silence the distractions and give yourself the gift of a pause that no one feels they truly deserve.

Savoring - the most important thing

Savoring is the juice from a fresh strawberry dribbling down your chin and the whispers you hear in the wind on an evening walk. It's what keeps us all alive. Hold this bittersweetness close to your heart. There's no permanence on this earth but that's the very reason to say I love you relentlessly, travel at a moment's notice, cook nothing but your favorite meals and forgive without hesitation … because guess what? Your life depends on it.

Simplicity - embrace it

We are in the presence of simplicity when we let our shoulders drop. It's as easy as grinding beans for your morning coffee or losing yourself in a good book. These rituals are taken for granted time and time again, yet they beg for our attention and gratitude. Find comfort in its consistency, reliability and certainty because those traits are precious in any form. And who knows? Stopping to smell the roses could lead to something extraordinary.

Crossroads - don't look back

What do you decide to do when you hit a fork in the road? Do you become overwhelmed and turn right back around or make a gut decision? These are truly scary moments in life that test our character. That's the thing. It's usually not about which path you choose, just the choice to move forward. Ifs, ands or buts are fantasies we fixate on to procrastinate, nothing that holds weight. This ancient phrase has much more significance than you originally thought: all roads lead to Rome.


Sacrifice - it's a choice

Sacrifice implies that you're losing something to gain something else. While this is true, we often forget that it's a product of our own free will. When this card appears, ask yourself if you're sacrificing your own values for another's? Is this being done with selfless intent or out of obligation? When incorporated into a long-term plan, sacrifice can offer a richness currently invisible to us. However, when it becomes the only plan with no foreseeable end, we can lose our vitality and sense of self. Choose wisely.

Commitment - pause and listen

Committing to someone or something is a sacred act. The promise extends far beyond a legally binding contract or slipping a carefully chosen band onto your spouse's finger. In order to commit, we must ask ourselves if we are prepared for such an undertaking. There should be a sense of true alignment and excitement. Whether it's a personal vow of inner change or the upbringing of another human being, commitment isn't one choice. It's dozens of choices we make every day to reaffirm or reject that change. How much do you want it? That's a legitimate question to ponder.

Adaptability - break down walls

When we adapt, we show resilience and capability. Imagine it to be a theatrical performance or a scavenger hunt. It's the driving force behind great artists and societal advancement. When an opportunity to adapt presents itself, put your creativity to the test. After all, most of our world's masterpieces and monuments came from a place of uncertainty and sheer determination. How can you work with your current materials?

Duality - nothing defines you

Duality exists in everyone and everything. This phenomenon appears in different ways, but somehow always aligns with the act of giving and receiving. Reciprocity is key for balance, healthy self-expression and expansion. When we embrace the nature of duality, we become more familiar with ourselves and thus more attuned with the world as a whole. The process of individuation is not about elimination. It's about weaving together the part of you on stage and the part of you tucked away.

Purpose - don't give it power

This is an important one. What do you imagine your purpose is? The epitome of fame and fortune or merely waking up tomorrow morning? Level with me here, are we defining this ever so abstract yet dire subject correctly? Purpose is not about achievement, it's about your role. Many of us are lucky enough to know what our natural gifts are, and some spend part of their lives getting in touch with them. There's no end goal, no pressure and no mountain to climb. The only challenge is accepting your gifts, your role, with all its quirks. Your sphere of influence is wider than you think. Live your life in a way that brings you joy and I promise that it will ricochet.

Shedding Layers - it's not goodbye

When we shed layers of ourselves, we tend to focus on the decay. We feel a sense of loss, but why? When you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, do you feel that you've lost something or gained a valuable experience? Letting go, physical or emotional, reveals paths that once looked like dead ends. Shedding layers suggests a release, not a farewell. The things we clung to still exist: energy is neither created nor destroyed. Thank them for their efforts. Experience grief and become acquainted with your new skin.

Unconditional Love - provide it, accept it

Many of us have input on this topic. It's the human dilemma–finding the perfect love. In fact, it's not something you find. You create it and actively choose to sustain it. I'm no expert and I can't imagine anyone who claims to be has any actual merit. But for what it's worth, unconditional love is present when someone says they don't love you anymore and your response is “I will always love you.” Unconditional love is present when predator and prey coexist. Unconditional love is present when we exploit our planet and she continues to cradle us and lull us to sleep.


Detachment - a new reality awaits

Detachment takes place when we cut the umbilical cord or sign the divorce papers. It's not gradual, but a definitive moment that separates the past from the future. It's like feeling the loud bellow of pool water rush into your ears after a cannonball. It's startling, but once you're on the other side, sensory overload ceases and you gaze upon your potential with optimism and gratitude. Feel your heart swell, and welcome in the enthusiasm of a toddler as you take your new life for a spin.

Flickers of Hope - they're all around you

Flickers of hope are the island gulls that appear long before an emerald horizon, the eye of a hurricane and illicit love letters. It's a flicker that can endure through faith and imagination. We take these hints for granted, excusing them as brief lapses of chaos. But it's not a lapse. It's a flicker piercing through the veil of your current reality begging for your attention and persistence. If you listen closely, you may hear victory chants in the distance. Get motivated because storybooks don't write themselves.

Connection - it makes us whole

The deepest vein. Connection exists in many unseen dimensions, aside from the obvious ones. Symbiosis is the fabric of life: mycelium braids diverse forests and our bodies house an incredibly complex microbiome that allows absorption and conversion of sustainable energy. We think we've upgraded our ability to connect with like minds and communicate, but that belief dissolves when we're made aware of our potential. There are still indigenous tribes with telepathy–look it up. We have energetic currents connecting us to any entity that's significant in our life, even if they're not nearby. We are built to lend a hand and share the load. Going it alone for a season is healthy, but doing that forever is a waste. Don't reject your design.

Empathizing - it allows forgiveness

Empathy is the ultimate form of humility. We expand our perspective when we empathize. Where did your dinner come from? What kind of life did those animals lead? Empathy is more than putting yourself in someone else's shoes; it's a grey area we all must become acquainted with. Our instinct is to protect others, but protect ourselves first. Do you feel this is in balance? Some forgive the world and never forgive themselves, while others feel there's no need to apologize and remain angry at the world. We must align the inner and outer because both are necessary for absolute empathy. As above, so below.

Transparency - your greatest gift

Transparency is the keystone to emotional intelligence. When we're able to speak from a place of honesty and vulnerability, we are transparent. This virtue requires much bravery which can hinder widespread practice. When you feel a lump in your throat or the impulse to tell a white lie, ask yourself where this fear is coming from? Rejection? Trauma? Regardless, it can only haunt us as much as we allow it to. Feel the sting of rejection and continue to be brave, because you are not alone in this. Sensitive people have the greatest potential for inner strength. Lead by example.

Feeling Lost - it doesn't last forever

When we feel lost, we forget that we're on a journey. There's no map. Nothing seems familiar. Everyone we meet along the way is a character: a mentor, a lesson, a lover or guide. They might stick around for your plot development, but they usually have their own story arcs to attend to. When we feel lost, we ignore the story and suppress emotions. If you begin to view life as a constant unknown, then it's impossible to feel lost. It's very likely that, instead, there's a decision you've been avoiding or you're in a period of stillness/introspection. Reassure yourself that this unsettling feeling will pass. Do you need to take action or release control? You already know.

Reflection - let it fade away

Reflection walks the line of productive and unproductive. We reflect to reminisce or gain clarity, but we also reflect to continue living in the past. Try to stay aware when this is happening. Embrace these sweet memories, hug them like an old friend, then release them and keep your eyes fixed on the future. It's very normal to wish things could've lasted longer, but that's a byproduct of a cycle we've perpetuated. One day, you could be saying the same thing about today. Let's try our best to break that cycle.


Floating - it will reward you

The namesake card. Floating looks like many things but at its center is enlightenment. We don't force, push or grasp. We walk along our authentic path in sync with the universe and understand the laws of time and space. When you begin to float, it can feel as though you've lost your mind and others will attempt to confirm that belief. If you start to doubt yourself, think of the Polynesians who used nothing but the stars to navigate thousands of miles in the Pacific to an unknown island chain, now called Hawai'i. You are more powerful than you realize.

Undoing - it leads to doing

Undoing is the god particle. Our species undoes one entity and reconfigures its purpose, thus taking on a brand new existence. This is absolutely astonishing and more or less unique to us. Sometimes when this happens on an emotional plane, we forget we have this superpower. The dismantling of your current way of life only beckons you to pick up the puzzle pieces and formulate a fresh blueprint. Practice harvesting flowers and crafting a bouquet when undoing feels extra prevalent. Those blooms did not lose their beauty, they just took on a slightly different purpose.

Core Desires - your true north

What do you think about every day? The smiling faces of your loved ones or feeling unattached and boarding a plane on a whim? Maybe it's both and a whole lot more. We think getting to the core of our desires is tricky, but it's not. Just think about what you love doing and why you love doing it. We can get caught up in new age fairytales of influence and recognition, but most of that is fluff we believe can fill the void. Here's the secret: there is no void, just a core desire waiting for your acknowledgement and devotion. It's never anything material, so you can go ahead and cross those things off the suspect list.

Trust - it's all we have

It'd be nearly impossible to go through our days without some form of trust. We trust our cars to run, phones to turn on, and water to flow freely. We've designed an existence built around trust, so why do we have such difficulty trusting others and ourselves? If you find yourself in a state of agitation or hyper-awareness, start listing privileges and basic necessities you depend on. We don't focus on the prospect of these cogs malfunctioning, because that would be added stress and a waste of time. Give the universe, your community and yourself the same respect. Things will operate much more efficiently because of it. 

Dissociation - it's an illusion

Dissociation is the grim reaper coming to remind you of your mortality. It's not pleasant, but once it's gone you're left feeling way more grateful and connected than ever before. Dissociation tries to convince us that there is no meaning, just a man behind a curtain. It's likely that we will never uncover the mysteries that bubble up after an existential crisis, but life has as much meaning as you're willing to give it. Practice seeing aspects of your own image reflected back at you in any living thing. Even if all of this is random, it's still a miracle.

Surrender - you do it every day

We all wish, on some level, to live without ever having to surrender. But it's silly to wish for it because we do it every day without a second thought. We surrender our bodies to our hearts, our hearts to our blood, our blood to our cells and so on. Surrender is in our DNA. Next time you don't want to say goodbye, envision the seasons as a rhythm and your whole life as a rhythm. Ouroboros, the serpent eating its tail. Surrendering becomes less scary and more inviting this way. Your heart beating and waves crashing are one and the same.

Familiarity - it grounds you

We think that familiarity is something you only know when you're around it, but it resides within you. When you're in foreign territory, what creature comforts do you partake in? These can be great habits to ground yourself while acclimating to a new environment. We may wander far and wide, take on a different identity, forget names, break cycles and wind up feeling eons away from who we once were. We don't recognize ourselves and begin to wonder if that's a good thing, but familiarity never left you. It's the hand you're holding, the air you're breathing, the food you're cooking and the cards you're shuffling. Familiarity is watching you scramble around and sift through drawers like you're looking for lost keys. It's waiting for you to sit down, exhale and feel it in your back pocket.

◆    ◆    ◆

"To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don't grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead you relax, and float." 

—Alan Watts

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