Max Condon isn’t like anyone I’ve ever met before. He excavates forgotten ideologies and mesmerizes audiences with its reintroduction into the collective consciousness. He does his best to stay humble even though most oftentimes he’s the wisest one in the room. He uses the creative process like a cocoon; he can receive outside information but is unable to respond in a coherent manner. He is stable, innately content, trusting, selective and intentional. His smile leaves behind ghosts and his sight pierces the veil of reality. He treasures his identity and fears anything that may stir up dust. His heart is playing with legos in a pediatricians waiting room, his gut is taking a brisk morning swim in the Pacific, and his mind is leading the 2020 Mars mission.

"I create for the conscious individuals who are observant, humble, confident, bold, daring and active and fascinated with the subtleties of life." -Max

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